Ham Delivery

We offer country ham delivery throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Have you had mixed results from the country ham you’ve found at area grocery stores and wished you hadn’t taken the time to go there in the first place? If you are craving a quality country ham that you’d drive hours to get to, you’ll be pleased to learn that you won’t have to. Here at Hobe’s Country Ham, we have a ham delivery option that will get you a consistently delicious product, and you won’t have to fight traffic to get to the store to get it.

Ham Delivery | Hobe's Country Ham

Although we are located in the heart of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge foothills, we can arrange ham delivery throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee – and we’re still growing! Our late grandfather, Hobert Gambill, got the ball rolling back in 1973 with dedication to providing a quality, authentic country ham that came from hard work and attention to detail. He actually began in 1971, selling out of the trunk of his car, but finally opened his first location in 1973 and later a separate curing facility.

We are honored to follow his same recipe, process, and curing techniques today and are especially thrilled to be able to offer ham delivery, so those outside of Wilkesboro can experience the quality that is at the heart of what we do. We have a variety of country ham products, so you can obtain the cut that will work the best for your intended recipes, whether that is a biscuit cut for breakfast or a whole ham for the holidays. Contact us today to learn more about our products and ham delivery.