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Just a hundred years ago, most people had skills that were deemed commonplace. These skills are ones that you’d be hard-pressed to find two or three people who are proficient in nowadays. Darning socks, making soap, knitting clothes, and preserving meats are just some of the skills that seem to have gone by the wayside in everyday America. Here at Hobe’s Country Ham, we might not be able to make you a sweater for Christmas or whip up some soap, but we have kept the tradition of country cured ham alive and well in our establishment.

Cured Ham

Cured ham is as much gastro-science as it is an artisan craft that is still practiced today. When you cure ham, it’s often aged to perfection in either a salted brine or with a salt and seasoning mixture. The curing process works to preserve the meat so that the texture and flavor are not only consistent, but more shelf-stable. While many of us eat ham often, we don’t always think about the effort and care that goes into the seasoning, salting, aging and curing of that delicious delicacy.

At Hobe’s Country Ham, we still use Hobert Gambill’s recipe for curing ham, and we know that you’ll agree with us when we say the results are flavorful and spectacular. Since 1973, this has been a family-owned and operated business, which means that for over 40 years, we have been providing delicious and quality ham products to those around us.

We would love to share our cured ham with you. Give us a call to learn more about the process that goes into our cured hams.

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