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We simply can’t get enough of the delicious pig. Whether it’s through bacon, sausage or ham, we crave it! Ham is often used to feed a large crowd since after all, there’s no better crowd pleaser than a sliced ham that’s accompanied with warm rolls and a cheese plate. It makes great leftovers, too. However, there are times where you just don’t want to cook an entire large ham for your family. When these occasions arise, it’s ham steak to the rescue!
Ham Steak
A ham steak is a great choice for the elevated dinner experience. A ham steak is simply a very thick section of a whole ham, making it the perfect compromise for when you want ham for dinner and a few leftovers, but don’t want to worry about rolling over extra ham into other meals. With a ham steak, you can dress up a potato bar, make a rich and savory side of ham and beans for a barbeque, or heat it with a little brown sugar to give yourself a mini Christmas dinner in July. The uses for a ham steak are as versatile as the ham itself.

Ham steaks are also an ideal option for people who know they won’t use leftover pieces of ham. There are some people out there who just don’t like leftovers, and they deserve delicious ham for dinner just as much as the next guy!

If you’re looking for a ham steak for your next dinner, we can help. Give us a call here at Hobe’s Country Ham for delicious country ham steaks as well as some ideas on how to take your flavor profile to the next level.

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