How Do I Choose a Quality Ham?

Ham is one of those great equalizers among guests. If someone doesn’t like fish or turkey, a great, quality ham can be served and will always be a crowd pleaser! Ham serves a crowd, reheats wonderfully, is flavorful and can easily be rolled over into other meals. The key is choosing a good and quality ham to begin with. Here at Hobe’s Country Ham, we want to give you a few tips on how to choose a quality ham for your next get-together or special holiday.

Ham is one of those great equalizers among guests

First, know the difference between your hams. There are generally two types of hams — one that comes from the upper portion of the leg and butt, and others that come from the lower leg or shank. Both of these pieces of meat will be flavorful, but the shank is easier to cut around the bone. The butt portion will sometimes contain larger bones, but is often a bit more tender. Personal preference is the real signifier here.

Second, know the type of ham that you’re looking for. When hams are brined or cured, they are usually cured with a solution of salt, sugar and seasonings. If these are injected into the ham as the brining solution, the more water that was added, the lower quality of the ham.

Finally, make sure that you start with a quality place to buy your ham! This is probably the best tip that you can get. Even if you aren’t sure if you want the butt or the shank, city or country ham, finding a place to purchase your ham like Hobe’s Country Ham will never steer you wrong.