Sliced or Not? Bone-in or Boneless? The Great Whole Ham Debate!

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When you go to buy a whole ham

Even though ham is one of the great meats that most everyone likes, there are still debates that rage within the ham community. When you go to buy a whole ham, many people will choose between a few different options, even among the same degrees of quality. Choosing between a pre-sliced or whole ham is one thing, but there are also debates on whether or not a whole ham should be bone-in or boneless. No one knows hams quite like we do here at Hobe’s Country Ham, so we have come up with a few pieces of information that can help you decide which side of the debate you find yourself.

Regarding bone-in or boneless ham, there is a fierce debate that continues. Many people like boneless ham because it’s so much easier to cut! Instead of maneuvering around a bone, you can slice right through and make equally sized pieces. On the other hand, in order to make those equally sliced pieces, the ham needs to be compressed without the bone. This can leave the meat feeling and tasting a little spongy to the discerning tongue.

As far as sliced or whole ham goes, many people prefer the convenience of the pre-sliced ham. After all, you still get the bone-in ham, but without the effort of trying to make equal slices around the bone. If you choose pre-sliced ham, however, cooking can dry out the slices when done improperly.

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