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Take Ham With You on Your Next Outdoor Adventure!

Our favorite things about summer are camping and spending more time in the great outdoors! Here at Hobe’s Country Ham, we love taking our ham products out with us on our adventures, and there are plenty of ways you can cook with ham over the fire while you’re at your campsite for a satisfying, delicious meal.

Over the Fire

Our country ham boneless slices work well for any of the recipe ideas below, but we recommend any of our vacuum-sealed ham products for this purpose.

  • Classic ham and grits—Camping and grits go hand-in-hand! After you’ve made your fire, take your skillet and place it over the coals, letting it get warm. Then, open your ham slices and place them in the pan, flipping them over as needed. Pull the skillet back from the fire if it starts getting too hot. Cook your grits while your ham is heating up, pour a mug of hot coffee, and you’ve got the perfect camping meal!
  • Breakfast burritos—Whether for breakfast or for dinner, ham and egg burritos make the ideal campfire meal. Use your skillet to heat up your ham until it’s crispy. Make scrambled eggs in a separate pan and combine with the ham. Add the ingredients to a tortilla, and you’re all set to enjoy!
  • Ham & cheese sandwiches—Hot ham and cheese sandwiches are the perfect comfort food for your outdoor adventure. These sandwiches are quick and easy to make and involve combining ham, Hawaiian rolls, cheese, butter, Dijon mustard, and a little brown sugar and dried onion into packets to cook over the fire. Get the recipe here!

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