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You know what steak is, and you know what ham is, but when it comes to ham steak, you’re a little bit unclear. After all, isn’t steak supposed to be made from beef? At Hobe’s Country Ham, we want you to know that beef steak isn’t the only type of steak out there, and ham steak is one of the most delicious ham products we sell.

What is Ham Steak?

Generally speaking, a ham steak is simply a sliced piece of ham that isn’t very thick. Typically, ham steak comes from the leg or shank of a pig, and it can be a convenient way to enjoy a little bit of ham without pulling out an entire ham roast.

One of the best parts about cooking with ham steak is its convenience. You can pan-fry ham steak, grill it, or broil it, and you can even chop it up and use it in a variety of different recipes. For example, make a cheese and ham frittata for breakfast, or slice it up and use it as part of your main meal with some green beans and potatoes.

All of our ham steak is perfectly cured and comes to you ready to heat up and enjoy. We recommend keeping a few of our steaks on hand so that you can pull one or several out to use for an easy meal or even for a special occasion when you’re having people over. If you’re ready to place an order for ham steak, contact us today!

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