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People love our country ham, and for good reason. Whether you are new to our country ham products or you have been a country ham lover for years, we have gone through and answered a few of the questions people ask us frequently about our ham.

Your Questions About Our Country Ham Answered

How do I store my country ham?

You can store a whole country ham up to one year by hanging in a cool, dry place. Our sliced vacuum packaged products do not require refrigeration for storage, and they are good for one year if you do not break the seal. Be sure to always refer to the best by date stamped on the package. Once opened, you should store in the refrigerator for no longer than two weeks.

Why do you still have to cook country ham if it’s been smoked?

During the smoking process, the smoke only helps give the ham flavor and dry out the meat. Our hams have only been cured, not cooked before they arrive at the store.

Is country ham salty?

Country ham is salty to taste. The comes from the curing process, as salt is what cures the ham. Keep in mind most would recommend washing or soaking the ham prior to cooking. Follow this step, and the salt shouldn’t be too overwhelming.

How do I cook a whole country ham?

Watch our YouTube video to learn how to properly cook a whole bone-in country ham.

What should I make with my leftover country ham?

We have tons of recipes on our site you can try! If you’re craving something sweet but salty, we recommend our Spicy Apple-Peach Chutney. If you want to dress up your country ham with a recipe that only takes a few minutes and a handful of ingredients,  you’ll love our recipe for Creamy Mustard Sauce.

How do I find Hobe’s Country Ham?

We try to make our country ham products as widely available as possible. You can use our convenient store locator tool to see if a store near you keeps Hobe’s Country Ham in stock.

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