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For exceptional taste and quality, buy a ham hock from us.

Here at Hobe’s Country Ham, we know a thing or two about creating family traditions. Back in 1973, Hobert Gambill started out a small enterprise that has now grown to two locations in the mountains of North Carolina. We believe what you serve can make all the difference at that next family meal, so we encourage you to try out our ham hock the next time you wonder what to make for dinner.

Ham Hock

Ham hock is a particular cut of ham that refers to the lower segment of a pig, which usually corresponds to the calf or ankle region. Generally, the hock is not a fatty piece of meat, but it becomes very tender when it cooks because of all the collagen that breaks down.

To make a ham hock taste great, it usually needs to go through a long stewing or braising period, and in many cases, it can be added to soups to give them a unique flavor. However, the meat on particularly meaty hocks can be removed and served as-is.

All of our country ham products, including our ham hock, boast delicious, great taste. No matter what style of ham you choose, know that you can trust us for exceptional flavor, quality products, and great taste.

We want our ham to become part of your next family tradition! Buy a ham hock from us at Hobe’s Country Ham today or give us a call if you have any questions.

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