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I buy Hobe’s almost every time I buy groceries. I cook it in the oven, let it cool, put it in a plastic container with a good, tight lid, and keep it in the fridge. Then when I make breakfast, I warm a couple of pieces in the microwave for just a few seconds and have that good old country ham with my eggs and grits. Sometimes I just take some out for snack, cold or warmed. It is so good, and there is hardly any waste with Hobe’s.

Donnie P.

Awesome country ham! Best I have had. Will buy again.

Dianne Wi.

I received my order in record time and am thrilled with the quality and great taste of a true North Carolina creation. Nowhere else and no other state can match NC country ham, and Hobe’s has exceeded my expectations. Thank you from the Midwest.


Bought your ham for the first time in Tennessee. Love it. The country ham is best I ever had. Your company has a new customer!!!

Alice E.

Around Christmas in my local Food Lion, I saw and bought Hobe’s Pintos and Country Ham. Oh my gosh! It was so delicious! I went back and bought all of the rest. I asked the management and was told that this item was seasonal. I can’t wait till later this year to once again purchase this phenomenal product. Needless to say, I highly recommend you give it a try!

Elizabeth N.

I ordered the beans and ham and was very pleased with the taste and quality of the product and the service I got with Hobe’s Country Ham.

Robert E.

Some of the best country ham I have ever had, especially the tenderized slices.

Keith B.

The Christmas gift boxes were a hit with all family members. The different cuts and quality were superb.

Carlos K.

These are great people and awesome hams. We travel up each year to make our purchase for Christmas presents and stock up.

Lisa C.

Great country ham. The very best in the area of western NC. Wish I could find it in the eastern part of the state. Wonderful product and great folks at Hobe’s. Highly recommend.

Greg G.

I absolutely love this ham. My husband loves the ham trimmings mixed into his grits. I was told by my regular store they were not able to get them, so I sent a message to Hobe’s on a Sunday and got an immediate reply asking what store it was. I went there on Friday, and they were fully stocked. Just in case, I bought all 12 packages!

Susan A.

I sure do remember the good old days of sitting around my grandparents’ farmhouse breakfast table enjoying eggs, biscuits, and country ham. Nothing in the world smells and tastes so good. Hobe’s has completely captured the old-world goodness of a staple my family can’t be without. Thank you for your hard work to make such a high-quality ham. It is wonderful!

Don L.

I was born in North Wilkesboro, and my family moved to Florida in 1961. When visiting relatives, we would always stop at Hobe’s for country hams. I now order center cut ham slices, and they are shipped promptly and are delicious!

Barry E.

I got some of this Carolina ham from a friend of mine, and it was GREAT. Quite like bacon. Outstanding on biscuits.

Steven A.

Hobe’s Country Ham is the best. Highly recommend it. It’s the only brand I will buy.

Clint J.

Good country ham, and if you get a chance try their pinto beans and ham. Glad to see they’re carrying on the Junior Johnson legacy.

Charles M.

Hobe’s Country Hams are my FAVORITE. Not dry, not too salty, just the way I like my country ham to taste. I have been eating country ham since I can remember. I have even cured hams along with my grandfather, father, and uncles. Hobe’s is now my most favorite. Keep up the tradition of real country ham!

C. King

I used to work here. Hobe’s Country Ham has an awesome staff, and it is a great place to work. The ham is the best. I grew up on a farm where we raised hogs and had our own ham, but I really love being able to walk right in and pick up a ham on Friday afternoon for Sunday dinner for the family.

T. Bauguss

Every time I get to Wilkes for a visit, my mom has your country ham for us! It’s always great, especially if the whole family gets together for breakfast!

R. Bell

I always slow cook my dry white beans with ham hocks. This time instead of city ham hocks, I used ham hocks from Hobe’s Country Ham. Wow, what a flavor difference! They are very salty, as that is how they are cured. So I boiled the hocks first to drain off the water. That cut down on the saltiness. Then I added them to the beans as they were simmering. Huge ham flavor. I will do this again for sure. Now it’s time to make the cornbread and turnip greens. Delishhh…

M. Padgett

This family-owned business is incredible!!! I was introduced to the sausage and it is delicious!!! The ham is still all around the best ever!!! Great recipes, too!

A. Penland

Best country ham in the whole world. The owners really are careful to make sure their hams and ham products are the very best they can be.

S. Wright-Barron

Grew up on this ham, and now it’s the only brand I buy. Always keep a few packs on hand at the house.

D. Daniel

Bought a Hobe’s at Don’s grocery in Harlan, KY just after Christmas. Saved it for Easter, and it was the best ever! I will order more.

D. T. Downing

Good ham! Always tastes great! It comes from good people! The ham is good with a meal or just by itself! It is much better ham than other hams! You cannot go wrong when you choose Hobe’s Country Ham! The taste is much better than regular ham! Hobe’s Country Ham is good country ham! It is much better than regular ham! I could eat it every day! It you do not believe me, try it for yourself! You can taste the quality. Do not just believe me– try it for yourself!

T. Blankenship

My husband brought this brand at a local Piggy Wiggly grocery store in Greenville, NC, and he loves it. Thinly sliced, cured to perfection and tender.


I bought some Hobe’s Country Ham at Just Save Foods for the first time about a week ago. I took a nice piece and microwaved it on high for 1 minute. I put it in between 2 slices of fresh white bread. That country ham was awesome!!!! I plan on buying it from now on, and I have had a country ham sandwich every morning since then. I figure my sandwich is equal to 2-4 country ham biscuits and only costs me about 50-60 cents per sandwich, so I am saving some big money. Thank you, Hobe’s, for the quality country ham. I am enjoying it every morning of the week.

P. Gower

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