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At Hobe’s Country Ham, we get a lot of questions about our cured ham and the best ways to cook it for a family dinner. We’ve taken a few of the most common questions we get and provided some quick answers for you.

Answering Your Common Questions about Cured Ham

  • How is ham cured? There are two commonly used ways to make a cured ham. The first is using primarily salt to dry-cure the ham over a long period of time. At Hobe’s Country Ham, this is the method we use with our ham. Another common application is the use of a salt water and preservative solution before smoking the ham with delicious hardwood flavoring.
  • How much ham do I need? Depending on the cut of ham you are planning to purchase, you may want to be more or less conservative about the size of the cured ham you buy. While having ham leftovers can certainly be useful when cooking other dishes, if you buy too much for your holiday dinner, you might find yourself eating ham for the rest of the year.

Answering Your Common Questions About Cured Ham

  • How much fat should my cured ham have? Any good cook will tell you that a little bit of fat adds a lot of flavor when you’re cooking a cured ham. When you pick out the ham you plan to cook, check it over to make sure it has an even layer of fat all the way around, and you’ll be in good shape when you place it on the table.
  • How can I make my next cured ham something special? Adding a seasoning or glaze to your ham is a great way to dress it up a bit. Citrus is always a nice touch, or a honey glaze will have everyone at the table going for seconds.

Make sure to buy ham us! We look forward to hearing about your dinnertime success!

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