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As Easter draws closer, many people begin looking for ideas and recipes for what to serve at their Easter dinner. We at Hobe’s Country Ham know that planning the menu for an important gathering can be intimidating, which is why we’re here to take the stress out of the decision with our suggestion of serving ham for your main course. If you’re not convinced, read on to find out why we believe that a whole ham is the perfect dish for Easter dinner.

Why a Whole Ham is the Perfect Dish for Easter Dinner

  • In many parts of the world, serving ham for the Easter meal is a matter of tradition, and one of the main reasons behind that tradition is that ham was usually in season. Before the advent of the modern food industry, hogs were usually slaughtered in the fall when the cool temperatures could provide some refrigeration, and the hams and other cuts were left to cure over the winter. This meant that the ham would be ready to eat around Eastertime, and a tradition grew up around these seasonal rhythms.
  • Another reason to serve a whole ham at your Easter meal is simply that a ham provides enough meat to satisfy everyone. We at Hobe’s Country Ham don’t want you to have to send anyone away hungry, and we can recommend the perfect country ham to please any palate.
  • The last reason that we at Hobe’s Country Ham encourage you to serve one of our whole hams at your Easter dinner is their delicious taste. Our family-owned business has been in operation for decades, and over those years, we have perfected our recipes to create delectable hams that everyone will enjoy. If you want a meal that’s sure to be a hit with your guests, come see us to get the best main course you could want.

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