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Our country ham is a delight for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

If your family is one of those that has ham maybe once or twice a year for the holidays, you might want to rethink that practice. We are pretty sure once you taste the country ham here at Hobe’s Country Ham, you’ll be scouring the recipe pages for ways to have ham at least once a week, or maybe even more. Here’s a few great ways to enjoy our perfectly sugar-cured country ham any time, any day.

Ham | Hobe's Country Ham

  • Breakfast – Our biscuit cut ham is perfect for putting on a ham, egg, and cheese biscuit, muffin or croissant. Another option is getting the center & end cut for tossing in with scrambled eggs or putting in an omelet. Of course, a nice ham steak next to eggs sunny side up and some hash browns is a meal that the heartiest appetite will appreciate.
  • Lunch/Brunch – Dice up some country ham to put in a frittata or casserole for that kick of flavor that will send any recipe over the top.
  • Dinner – There are practically limitless ways to use country ham at dinner. Enjoy a nice ham steak with mashed potatoes and red-eye pan dripping gravy, for example. You can also use our ham as flavoring in scalloped potatoes, green beans, or a salad. Of course, you’ll also find it perfect for adding to a big pot of hoppin’ john, which is black-eyed peas and rice.

Nothing brings the family to the table faster than smelling our country ham sizzling in the pan. If you’ve been looking for a way to have family meals instead of everyone heading off to separate corners, this will probably fit the bill nicely. Contact us today to learn more about the products we offer and how we’ve stayed true to the recipe developed by Hobert Gambill back in 1973.






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