Monte Cristo

Preparation Time: 5 mins

Cooking Time: 10 mins

Serves: 1 whole Monte Cristo


2 eggs

2 T. heavy cream

⅛ tsp. vanilla extract

A dash of cinnamon

2 T. unsalted butter

2 slices soft bread

5 oz. sliced Hobe’s Country Cooked Deli ham

3 oz. sliced Monterey jack

Powdered sugar

Serve with strawberry jam and/or maple syrup


Break the eggs into a wide mixing bowl, then add the next three ingredients and whisk thoroughly. Set the egg mix aside for now.

Heat a large, flat skillet to medium-high heat (non-stick skillets work best). While the skillet is heating, add half the butter to coat the skillet.

Dredge the bread in the mix, thoroughly coating every inch. Once the bread is coated and the skillet is hot, put the bread on the skillet and cook until the egg mix on the bottom is light brown.

Once the bottom of the bread is slightly browned, remove the bread and coat the skillet with the other half of the butter. Once the skillet is coated, put the uncooked side of the bread onto the skillet. Turn the heat to a medium-low.

Evenly distribute one ounce of Monterey jack to each of the bread slices and the ham to only one of the bread slices on top of the cheese. This allows the cheese to melt and the meat to heat. Once the cheese is melted, check the bottom for golden brown coloring. If the color is right, flip the bread with just the melted cheese on top of the bread slice with the ham and cheese. Turn off the heat and remove the sandwich from the skillet.

Cut the sandwich in half and put on the desired serving plate. Top the sandwich with powdered sugar and serve with strawberry jam and/or maple syrup on top or on the side.


The bread is important — choose a thicker, sturdier bread that can handle the egg dredge and the ingredients put in it.

Cooking time for the dredged bread slices vary. Rely on your observations for when it’s cooked. Most importantly, be patient — don’t flip it too early.

It’s just like cooking french toast with sandwich ingredients in the middle.

Multiply the recipe for the number of sandwiches needed.

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