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Bacon has always been a breakfast staple in many dishes. Everyone loves crunching into those crispy, savory strips, but sometimes bacon just can’t hold up when you want to use it in other recipes. That’s when you can use our pork side meat instead as a country cured alternative to bacon.

Pork Side Meat: A Country Cured Alternative to Bacon

Here are the key differences between the two to see how the pork side meat will hold up to bacon:

  • More meat: Bacon most commonly comes from the fattier parts of the pig. The fat content is what makes it crisp up so nicely with such a savory flavor. Pork side meat typically comes from the side belly of the pig and has more meat than fat in the cut. It still has that fatty pork flavor and tenderness and can be cooked and served similarly to bacon, but the lower fat content doesn’t allow it to crisp up as much.
  • Melt in your mouth consistency:  Both bacon and our country cured pork side meat will melt in your mouth, but the texture will be slightly different. While bacon will always come out crispy when you cook it long enough, pork side meat will be a little thicker yet still deliciously tender.
  • Versatile: The main uses for bacon are the obvious breakfast meat or in pastas, salads, or anything else that could use a savory crunch. Pork side meat holds up better for many more uses, including pastas, slaws, soups, scallops, or any dish that needs a fatty pork flavor.

Our country cured pork side meat may not be crispy bacon, but it’s still a tasty alternative to the familiar breakfast meat. Pick some up at your local store today!

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