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Our country ham products make mealtimes more enjoyable!

If your meals have become more habit than enjoyment, we here at Hobe’s Country Ham want to help you spice things up in the most delicious and tastiest of ways. With our variety of country ham products, you can have flavorful, wonderful additions to all your meals– no matter if they are simple or fanciful.

We have plenty of country ham products to help you start enjoying your mealtimes once again in North Carolina. Many people don’t buy ham very often because whole hams leave them with too much ham and not enough people to eat the ham. With our country ham products, you can get the same flavor and taste infusion with smaller portions to season and delight even a weekday meal. From things like ham slices to ham trimmings, you can create soups, stews, and even sliced ham with potatoes that you could serve on a more regular basis. We have a variety of recipes you’ll love to try, such as Ham and Corn Potato SoupToasted Breakfast Wraps, and even Jambalaya. You’ll find these and many more on our recipes page.

If you are looking for a tasty addition to your breakfast, we have ham seasoning chunks, tenderized breakfast strips, and slices. These smaller strips and slices of ham are great for adding to eggs, omelets, breakfast burritos and more. Because ham isn’t fried and doesn’t have the same fat content as bacon, it can still give you wonderful flavor without the additional fat.

Our country ham products range from whole hams to ham chunks to bones and even specialized dog bones, and you can find them at your local retailer. We would love for you to try out the whole lot as your meal schedule allows. For more enjoyable meals with improved flavoring, try one of our country ham products today!

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