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At Hobe’s Country Ham, it should come as no surprise that we enjoy a good ham! Even though we have been in business for more than 40 years, a meal wouldn’t be a meal at Hobe’s Country Ham without ham. A large ham feeds a lot of people, is fairly easy to prepare, makes great leftovers and can be customized to your liking. If you ended up with fewer people than you had planned or you like leftover ham recipes as much as you like ham fresh out of the oven, we have a few ideas for your leftover ham.

A large ham feeds a lot of people

  1. Hot breakfast sandwiches– Few things go better with each other in the morning like eggs with a side of pork, including ham. Instead of putting ham in some scrambled eggs, although this is also delicious, take your ham and eggs to another level by adding an over easy egg to a crusty load of buttered bread, a couple slices of leftover ham, cheese, and then enjoy a ham sandwich like you’ve never had before!
  2. Soups– If your leftover ham consists of nothing but the ham hock and a bunch of tiny scraps that are too small to make a meal from, soups are your friend! Use the ham hock to flavor the stock and then use the scraps as the meaty part of your dish. Lentils, pea soup, potato soup, ham and bean — these are just a few of the flavors you can make.
  3. Carbonara pasta– Carbonara pasta is a great use of leftover ham. It’s elegant and simple and yet has a complex flavor.
  4. Quiches– Add some eggs, cream, cheese, veggies and leftover ham for a filling quiche.

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